Well, lest I think prayer was a second-class citizen in life, the next chapter in Desiring God extolled its virtues. I particularly liked the image one paragraph gave me, so I made a lame diagram of it in MS Paint. Yes, it would have been better in Visio. No, I don’t have Visio on this laptop. Anyway, since it’s so lame, I’ll explain a bit. Basically, from one dimension flows many, and back into one. Prayer creates, sustains, or¬†enables the working of all these essential aspects of life, and these aspects in turn fuel our overarching purpose in life, and that which we cannot attain without the Spirit of God: Love! It is true our purpose is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, but that glorification and enjoyment is expressed in love for Him and for others. In the diagram, the top phrases have love at the beginning (Love is the fruit of the Spirit) and the bottom phrases have prayer at the end (the Spirit is given in answer to prayer). Without further ado, here is my lame drawing. www.biblegateway.com is great for looking up bible references in many versions.

From Prayer to Love


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