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I’m having a terrible experience dealing with Nordictrack (Icon health and fitness) and it’s partner financing company HC Credit. Consider buying from someone else if you’re on the fence. Unfortunately, they have a setup that discourages efficiency and customer-friendliness, since they seem to recoup profits on their “interest-free” offers by charging crazy fees even without any mistakes on your part and really getting you if you’re a day late. My inquiry about these practices was met with “your fault, it’s in the fine print.” Sigh. Even if I must eventually accept that fact, that’s not the way to leave me a happy customer. I’m out hundreds of dollars to these guys. Don’t buy Icon / Nordictrack. And though the “HELPCard” / HC Credit company has no need to maintain a good image since they are fed “sales” from other companies, never use them if you can help it. Their website is ancient, contains errors, and their call center is unprofessional and difficult to deal with. Makes me want to start up a competitor that operates with efficiency and customer friendliness, and maintains profitability through automation and efficiency rather than through leeching ridiculous fees from people as inefficiently as possible.


Reading back through my old posts, I realized that this company is a ghost in the machine – no one ever hears of them until after they’ve made a purchasing decision with some other company, which does probably want to maintain a decent image (thus why I mentioned Icon Health/Nordictrack). So I thought it might be slightly more effective to maintain a little “hall of shame” list here, noting which companies had the terrible sense to work with these incompetents. If you stumble upon this post and have had experience with HC Credit, please leave a comment noting the client / associated company that used them for credit payment processing.

Hall of Shame
Nordictrack (Icon Health and Fitness)

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  1. I’ve had so much trouble with HC Processing/HELP Card that I had no other choice but to close my checking account. I paid on one item for 6 years … but their continuing “fees” and high APR’s kept me owing far beyond the original financed amount. When I tried to ‘get ahead’ by sending extra payments, they held my check until a payment was due, then applied it – NEVER allowing me to apply to pay ‘principle only’. I’d rather be a COLLECTION ACCOUNT than have these people continue ripping me off. My advice to you: AVOID HC Processing!

  2. salam..sy merpkn seorg mahasisiwi yg sdng mnjlnkn kajian karya dan karyawn, dy memilih karywn A.Samad said. dlm kajian ini memrlukan sy ntk mengkaji budaya yg wujud dlm puisi beliau.di sini sy ingin meminta cadangan dr rakan yang lain untuk memilih puisi yg sesuai untuk kajian saya.

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  4. Fin tolkning! Dyrene våre har vi virkelig ansvar for, og der er, som regel, et godt ansvar. Vi er jo så glad i dem. Tenkte noe lignende selv,men det ble noe helt annet. Hilsen Margit.

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